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GenTec is a line of Automotive Primers, Primer Surfacers, Clears, and Additives. GenTec has acquired an excellent reputation for outstanding performance at affordable prices. GenTec is available in multiple VOC levels to comply with the most stringent air pollution requirements.

Gentec Clears fill a valuable void in the Automotive Refinish market. These Clears offer excellent drying characteristics, long lasting gloss, and are easy to apply and polish. From QC210 for rapid curing to GTS40 for a fine overall finish GenTec is the Clear making a name in North America.


GenTec also possesses a full line of Primers and Primer Surfacers. SP210 is a high solids Primer Surfacer known for filling sand scratches and is widely used in higher end shops. GTP310 offers quick sanding for most all applications.


GenTec products can be used under and over most any Automotive Refinish Basecoat including Northstar™ GenStar and Gen2o finishes.

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