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About NorthStar

  • Northstar™ with its award winning product line up provides a full range of superior paint coatings for fleet, OEM, automotive, and light industrial customers. Northstars coatings are characterized by higher gloss, faster dry times, better coverage, and superior durability.


  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) need quality automotive products at industrial pricing and the Northstar products deliver. Our Technical Field and Sales Team carefully analyze production requirements for our customers to ensure the correct product is applied in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to be a valued partner for the OEM customer with a focus on increasing our customer’s productivity and profitability.


  • Fleet

Lusid is proud to be the leading supplier of the Fleet and Transportation Industry. Our range of Northstar product lines include 100% polyurethane coats which provide outstanding durability, high gloss and longevity for fleet owners. Lusid’s easy to use, low VOC technology has led to an increased penetration into highly regulated markets.


  • Light Industrial

The traditional market has continually failed to meet the needs of the light industrial customer. These large-volume users are reluctant to pay the high prices of traditional automotive paint manufacturers, but need the technology typically unavailable for industrial coatings manufacturers. The Northstar product line fills that gap perfectly, offering automotive color and technology at very competitive prices. We are meticulous in working closely with our customers to satisfy every requirement. Lusid is also the leader in the transition to HAPS free, low VOC environments.


  • Automotive

Lusid’s Northstar line includes a full line of automotive paint products, including primers, sealers, surfacers, basecoats, clear coats and single stage topcoats which have captured numerous awards for show cars and trucks. We offer automotive quality replacement products that allow better competitive pricing and improved profitability for both jobbers and end users. Our low VOC products are unsurpassed in application ease, gloss and performance.

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