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AG800 is a premium, high solids clear coat that offers outstanding chemical resistance, gloss retention, and long lasting durability. Offers excellent holdout as an anti-graffiti coating on locomotives, automobiles, buses, tractor trailers and fleets. Also ideal for manufacturers and in marine applications like yachts as well as light aircraft. AG800 is compliant with most known applicable air regulations when the proper activator and reducers are used. AG800 has unique nonstick qualities to resists brake dust, graffiti, and other substances from sticking to the film or coating. AG800 is durable enough to with stand harsh cleaners.


Suggested Uses:

As a high performance anti-graffiti clear-coat or top-coat, as needed over any properly substrate where:

  •  Long term protection against graffiti of all types

  •  Excellent gloss retention is required after graffiti removal

  •  Long term protection from hard water deposits, brake dust, diesel smoke and fuel.

  •  Long term protection against all types or organic dust impregnation

  •  Long term protection against harsh chemicals and acidic residues

  •  Long term protection against coal dust, fertilizer and harsh alkali’s

Field Applications:

AG800 can be used in a multitude of end use applications including but not limited to:


  • Transit trains, buses and tram systems

  • Coal cars, shipping containers, chemical containment systems

  • Construction Equipment

  • Airport Ground Support Equipment

  • Fertilizer trailers, cement trucks, snow plow

  • Test paint used for tagging locomotive fuel tank

  • •≈1/4 can of Rustoleum® Red

  • •≈1/8 can of Rustoleum® Black

  • • Sharpie® black permanent marker for an outline

  • Date test paint applied: 9/12/12

Testing Conditions

Paint applied (generously) at noon on 9/12/12

• Weather was sunny with an ambient temperature of 90˚F

• Locomotive located on south end of property with painted fuel tank facing south

• Locomotive did not move for duration of testing period

• Average temperature during testing period: 80˚F

• Number of cloudy/overcast days: 2 • Paint thickness (at thickest point): ≈ 5 mils

Date of Removal: 9/27/12 (paint set for 15 days)

Medium used for paint removal: S88

Quantity of remover used in test: 39 oz

Temperature at Time of Removal: 72° Steps to Removal:

1. Spray affected area with S88 Graffiti Remover

2. Allow S88 time to penetrate paint

3. Lightly scrub thickest area of paint with soft, nylon brush

4. Rinse area with clean tap water

5. Wipe area with clean rag or cloth

Notice the outline of the tagged area where the Sharpie® had outlined the lettering.

Final spray down with S88 on the LocoMoto Clear Coat prior to rinsing with water from the tap.

Notice the reflection of the glove in the coating. The finish is as shiny as day of tagging. The cleaning agent removed the graffiti from the paint, but did not damage the finish.

Total time to remove graffiti: 15mins 37 secs.


  • % Solids By WT:                  32.81

  • Spec. Gravity:                      .97

  • LBS Per GL:                         8.11

  • % Total Exempts:                18.35

  • Coating VOC g/l:                 588.86

  • Coating VOC lbs/gal:         4.91

  • Material VOC g/l:                474.84

  • Material VOC lbs/gal:        3.96