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Our Company and Our Brand

GlobalStar Concrete Coatings is a premium coatings line developed and manufactured by Lusid Technologies just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Lusid Technologies has been a global player in several coatings industries for over 30 years, including automotive and industrial coatings.
With our vast and extensive knowledge in coatings technology, our 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, full functioning lab with top coatings professionals, and long-standing relationships with our suppliers, Lusid Technologies is able to bring a very big and unique value proposition which includes, of course, the best and newest products in coatings technology at an affordable price.

Our Products
With GlobalStar Concrete Coatings we are focused on two main categories. The first is our penetrating sealers and protectors for concrete and decorative concrete. This category has an array of products that seal and protect, have varying types of gloss and appearance, and help cure the concrete itself. 

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GLOBALGUARD      | GS1100 
GlobalGuard is a 25% solids solvent based acrylic concrete sealer for concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, and other cementitious substrates. This is made with 100% acrylic resins which makes it non-yellowing, durable, and gives a beautiful gloss finish. GlobalGuard is made with special additives that allow 
the sealer to flow and roll out nicely. The GlobalGuard LV is Low VOC (<100 g/L) for the strictest VOC regulations.

GLOBALCURE & SEAL      | GS1200 
GlobalCure & Seal is an all acrylic cure & seal for new concrete. This sealer develops a film to retain moisture in the new concrete for a better and harder cure while also protecting the concrete from the elements as it cures. The GlobalCure & Seal LV is Low VOC (<100 g/L) for the strictest VOC regulations.

GLOBALGLOSS      | GS1500  
GlobalGloss is a high solids acrylic sealer (30% - 35%) for a thicker, stronger, and more glossy finish on your decorative concrete. GlobalGloss lasts longer than other standard sealers while staying in the same relative price range.  The GlobalGloss LV is Low VOC (<100 g/L) for the strictest VOC regulations.

G-Guard Matte LV is a 25% solids, low VOC (<100 g/L) concrete sealer with a really nice matte finish. We achieved the perfect matte finish with this sealer which is why we only offer the matte finish in a low VOC formula. G-Guard Matte LV provides the same protective properties as the GlobalGuard.

Naturelock H2O is a water-based Silicone/Siloxane penetrating sealer with great hydrophobic properties. Naturelock H2O is not visible and does not change the appearance of the concrete unless wet when you can see the sealer repel water, oil, etc. Naturelock H2O reacts with the concrete itself to create the premium, long lasting effect. This makes it one of the best penetrating sealers on the market at a price that would be hard to believe.

GlobalGuard H2O is a very special water-based acrylic sealer. The proprietary manufacturing process and raw materials have enabled us to achieve a Super Low VOC concrete sealer at <30 g/L while at the same time performing better than solvent-based and water-based sealers in several categories such as chemical resistance, hot tire pickup, and blush resistance. This sealer can be sold anywhere with its super low VOC’s.

Premium Coatings

The second category is our premium floor coatings. This category consists of epoxies, urethane coatings, anti-graffiti coatings, and our brand new Polyacrylic coatings. Lusid Technologies has developed a reputation around the world for creating unique products that out-perform competitors working in the norm. This makes our floor coatings unlike any others. From our amazing anti-graffiti to our nano-technology based epoxy to our acid cured Polyacrylic, we provide products to our customers that cannot be found anywhere else. This enables our customers to provide their customers with a very unique edge in the market.

POLYACRYLIC 4060 | GC1350 
Polyacrylic 4060 is a premium clear coat and sealer that rivals any premium coating on the market. It’s a 2 component, low VOC system that uses an acid catalyst. The Polyacrylic chemistry is a new development that has amazing chemical resistance, perfect UV stability, great adhesion and it’s really easy to work with due to its pre-packaged 4 to 1 mix ratio, long pot life, and quick cure time. The Polyacrylic 4060 is the perfect clear coat or sealer for any high end decorative concrete job. Due to its acid friendly chemistry, this is perfect for acid stain projects and due to its UV stability it’s the perfect top coat over any floor coating system. 

Using Lusid Technologies’ extensive arsenal of premium toners for our Automotive and Industrial lines, we have created several colored Polyacrylic base coats that can be applied, flaked, and topped off with the Polyacrylic 4060 clear coat for a full flooring system that is completely UV stable and the most chemical resistant on the market. We also have a line of fine glass additives that add a really cool metallic effect to the clear coat on these flooring systems. 

Our anti-graffiti coatings are rivaled by 
no one. With top of the line urethane technology giving not just 2 or 4 or even 8 crosslinking locations, AG800LV provides you with a whopping 16 crosslinking locations, making this an absolute king in the anti-graffiti world. 
The Graffiti-Block is also a leading product with premium performance. It’s a moisture-cured system which means its 1 component. No mixing or adding. Just apply and let the atmosphere take care of the rest. 

Over 50 years of successful proven quality, still shining and continually 
Upgrading the Automotive Paint Industry

Our Mission 
Lusid Technologies is dedicated to supplying state-of-the-art coatings products to world wide markets in the OEM, Fleet, Concrete, Automotive and Industrial sectors. Our GlobalStar Concrete Coatings provide solutions for a wide range of requirements by utilizing a unique arsenal of data and technology that allows us to introduce new premium products to distributors at an affordable price, ultimately helping to grow those businesses, their customers businesses, and a thriving industry. 


Africa:     Congo, Egypt, Gabon, Morocco, South Africa, Benin, Sudan, Angola, Ghana, Liberia, Botswana, Gambia, 
                Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritius Island

Asia:        Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon, Georgia, Russia, Turkmenistan, 

Gulf:         Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, India, South Korea, Vietnam
Europe:   Italy, Kosovo, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,

                 Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Ukraine


North America:  Canada, USA, Mexico

South America:  Barbados, Trinidad

For more information, pricing, or to discuss distributor opportunities, please contact: 
Office: 801-966-5300

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