High Gloss Low VOC Alkyd

 L2.1.K1 is compliant in all restricted VOC areas when used with the AV.002 hardener at an 8-1 ratio.

Suggested Uses

As a high gloss topcoat over the following primers.

P9.3.K1 2K Epoxy Primer. Over primed steel substrate where:

  • Outstanding gloss and corrosion resistance is required.

  • Outstanding flexibility is needed.

  • Excellent performance when applied with airless, air-assist airless pressure pot, cup gun or brush or rolled.


L2.1.K1 Base

GS0R-F, GS0R-M, GS0R-S Fast, Medium, Slow, Zero VOC Reducers

AV.002 Hardener

Field Applications

  • Coachwork or bus frames, undercarriage and bumpers.

  • Work trucks, panel trucks trailers.

  • truck and trailer frames.

  • wood

Mixing Ratio

Mix: Mix eight (8) parts Base Color to one (1) part AV.002 Hardener.

May be reduced 10%-20% with appropriate Reducer above.

Regulatory Information

  • % Solids By WT:                40.43

  • Spec. Gravity:                    1.02

  • LBS Per Gal:                       8.57

  • Coating VOC g/l:                263.36

  • Coating VOC lbs/gal:         2.19

  • Material VOC g/l:                144.16

  • Material VOC lbs/gal:         1.20

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