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Matt MS Acrylic PU 2K Topcoat

L4.4.K1 is a Matt finish 2K High Quality PU Topcoat. Its car finish grade appearance, durability and performance make it ideal for light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, boats and heavy plant applications. With VOC Complaint Activators and Reducers this can be used in areas with VOC Legislation.

For national rule applications, national rule Activators, Reducers can be used.

As a high performance topcoat over properly prepared primed or sealed substrates and sanded stable coatings, including: Hot and Cold roll steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, fiberglass, plastics and wood where:

  • Outstanding Gloss and color retention are desired.

  • Outstanding adhesion and flexibility is required.

  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance.

  • Car finish appearance.

  • Excellent DOI and leveling is required.

  • Excellent performance when using air-assist airless, pressure pot, cup gun and Roller or brush application.


Field Applications

  • Light to medium industrial equipment

  • Recreational boat refinishes

  • Construction equipment

  • Airport ground support equipment

  • Truck and Trailer Refinishing

  • Bus and Transit refinish

  • Commercial auto and van refinish.



L4.4. K1 Base

GSR-F, GSR-M, GSR-S Fast, Medium, Slow, Low VOC Urethane Reducers

AV.002 Hardener


Mixing Ratio

Mix: Mix four (4) parts base color to one (1) part AV.002 hardener.

Reduce 10%-20% with Selected Reducer.


Regulatory Information

  • % Solids By WT:               31.643

  • Spec. Gravity:                   .995

  • LBS Per Gal:                     8.302 

  • Coating VOC g/l:               290.252

  • Coating VOC lbs/gal:        2.422

  • Material VOC g/l:              108.935

  • Material VOC lbs/gal:        .909

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