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Direct to Metal (DTM) 2K Urethane Primer


P10.3.K1 is a DTM 2K urethane primer. It can be applied over well prepared hot and cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. It can also be applied on well prepared fiberglass, wood and most plastic substrates. Unlike most competitors DTM urethane primer products, P10.3.K1 has excellent anti corrosive properties designed to protect metal substrates. It is both a National Rule and a VOC Complaint product in all North American markets when the appropriate activators and reducers are selected. 

Suggested Use

As a high performance DTM primer over properly prepared substrates, where:

  • Compliant 2.1 VOC (250 g/L) is desired.

  • Outstanding corrosion protection is required.

  • DTM adhesion is desired to steel, aluminum, galvanized, and stainless steel

  • High build is necessitated.

  • Excellent sanding properties are needed

Field Applications

  • OEM trailer and truck body manufacturers

  • Signs and advertising manufacturers

  • Airport ground support equipment

  • Truck and Trailer Refinishing

  • Commercial auto and van refinish.


P10.3.K1 Primer
AV.005 Hardener (2.1 VOC)
AE.002 Hardener (2.8 VOC)


​Mixing Ratio

Mix:           Mix four (4) parts Primer to one (1) part AV.005
                 compliant hardener or AE.002 (2.8 VOC) Hardener.
                 Reduce 10‐35% with GS0RF/M/S

Regulatory Information

  • % Solids By WT:                56.33

  • Spec. Gravity:                    1.439

  • LBS Per Gal:                       12.005

  • Coating VOC g/l:                 295.522

  • Coating VOC lbs/gal:         2.466

  • Material VOC g/l:                171.941

  • Material VOC lbs/gal:         1.435

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