2K Acrylic Primer Filler

P7.3.K1 is a 2K, high build, high production, acrylic urethane primer with excellent hold out and easy to sand properties. Light Gray color makes it easy to achieve opacity with a minimum number of color coats.

Suggested Uses

  • As a wet on wet sealer or a full bodied sand-able primer, where body repair, scratches or imperfections need to be filled.

  • Excellent hold out with minimal shrinkage is needed.

  • Excellent sand-ability is needed.

  • High productivity is required.

  • Excellent performance when applied with air-assist airless pressure pot, Conventional, HVLP, siphon or gravity feed cup gun.

Field Applications

  • Semi-trucks

  • Coachworks (Buses)

  • Work panel trucks

  • Cement trucks and snow plows

  • Many OEM applications

  • Aircraft and marine


P7.3.K1 Base

GSR-F, GSR-M, GSR-S Fast, Medium, Slow Reducer

AE.002 Hardener

Mixing Ratio

Mix: One (4) parts P7.3.K1 Base to one (1) part AE.002

Hardener. Reduce 25%-50% with selected reducer.



Regulatory Information

  • % Solids By WT:              62.0

  • Spec. Gravity:                  1.34

  • LBS Per Gal:                    11.182

  • Coating VOC g/l:              505.6

  • Coating VOC lbs/gal:       4.21

  • Material VOC g/l:              505.6

  • Material VOC lbs/gal:       4.21

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