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MS Scratch Resistant Clear

Suggested Uses

  • Scratch Resistant Nano Technology 2K MS Clear designed for exceptional performance in Automotive, CV and Fleet applications. It can also be used in applications such as recreational boat finishes, light to medium industrial coatings and other applications where a high performance clear is required.

  • It is designed to be used over the top of GlobalStar basecoat systems.


  • 6A.1.X20 Clear

  • 0A.014 Hardener

  • 0G.013 Standard Urethane Reducer

  • 0G.030 Slow Urethane Reducer

Mixing Ratio
Mix:             Mix two (2) parts X20 Clear to one (1) part 0A.014 hardener.
                   Reduce up to 5% with 0G.013 reducer.


Apply:         Applied over GlobalStar basecoat substrates, following the technical guidelines for the                       basecoat.


Spray Gun:  HVLP Gravity Feed – 1.2 – 1.4mm tip and needle
                   Conventional – 1.2 – 1.4mm tip and needle


Film Build:    50 - 60 microns when applied as directed.

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