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Automobile Painting

Our Story

From our inception in 1999, Lusid Technologies has been a beacon of innovation in the Automotive and Fleet Paint Industry. Beginning as a modest regional manufacturer, our passion for pushing the technological envelope has propelled us to nationwide success. Today, our products, including the celebrated NorthStar paint line, grace body shops across the United States.


The creation of NorthStar marked a pivotal moment in our history, boosting our sales and branding us as a provider of top-tier industrial and fleet paints. Following NorthStar’s footsteps came a series of successful lines like GlobalStar, Greentec, and Gentec, which further cemented our reputation for excellence.

In 2014, Lusid Technologies took a significant leap forward through an exclusive partnership with General Paint Co.S.A.L., becoming the sole importer of the GenRock, GenMax and GenVerde automotive paint lines in the Americas. This venture reflects our commitment to leading the charge in automotive painting solutions.


Our team is fueled by a love for the industry - where creativity and innovation know no bounds. We're excited about the future, committed to continuing the legacy of delivering superior products and technologies.

Our Values


At Lusid, 'family' is a term that encapsulates our entire ethos. We promote and depend on teamwork, recognizing it as the lifeblood of our success. Our endeavor to reduce VOCs and enhance the environment reflects our responsibility to the planet and future generations.

Above all, we cherish our family of employees, fostering a culture where satisfaction and well-being are paramount. It's this loyalty to our team and clients that drives us toward a brighter, constantly evolving future.

Join us on this vibrant journey. Together, we'll continue to refine automobile aesthetics while nurturing the very roots of our industry. Welcome to Lusid Technologies - where the art of auto refinishing meets unwavering dedication.

Mission Statement

Lusid Technologies is grounded in a mission that spans more than half a century. Our purpose has always been to illuminate the path of progress in the Automotive Paint Industry with new, innovative paint technologies.


Our mission extends beyond crafting outstanding automotive finishes. It's about empowering body shops with alternatives that enhance both profitability and productivity through our meticulously researched products. We are dedicated to being a supplier that adds substantial value, not merely through our products but also through comprehensive retail, body shop management training, and expert guidance.


We are steadfast in our promise to provide:

  • Individualized Support: Tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of every customer.

  • Quality Products: Upholding the highest standards of quality in every can of paint.


  • Quick and Precise Coloristic Services: Ensuring perfection in every shade.


  • Efficient Order Processing & Delivery: Streamlining logistics to keep your operations running smoothly.


  • Effective Training: Offering technical and management training that makes a difference.


Our investment in state-of-the-art technology forms the foundation of our relentless commitment to our partners in craft and business.



  • 1999: Founded Lusid Technologies in Sandy Utah 

  • 2003: Purchased the Salt Lake City facility 

  • 2006: Began importing automotive refinish line GenRock from General Paint Co.S.A.L

  • 2009: Entered into a corporate relationship with the owners of General Paint 

  • 2013: Began importing GenVerde product line to the United States of America and Canada markets

  • 2014: Expanded the Salt Lake City facility and opened a dedicated training center 

  • 2015: Began importing the GlobalStar product line

  • 2020: Acquired the full technology of the GlobalStar product line 

  • 2021: Launched Ares spectrophotometer for NorthStar and GlobalStar 

  • 2022: Expanded production capabilities and redesigned the social media 

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Color Formulation

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