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Automobile Painting

About Us  

Since formation in 1999, Lusid Technologies, Inc. (Lusid) has shown sustained growth and success in the Automotive, Fleet, and Industrial Paint Industry. Staying on the forefront of the latest technologies and a leader in easy to use VOC compliant products, Lusid has a nationwide success, with paint installs in over 1,000 body shops and end users across North America, South America, Australia and Europe.


Lusid's first paint line, Northstar, is owed a large part of this success as its creation led to an increase in sales across the U.S. Today Northstar is an award-winning, top tier industrial and fleet paint line sought out by many. Specializing in Commercial Fleet, Transit, and industries requiring maximum performance, Northstar has become a well-known name in performance and value. Since the release of Northstar, Lusid has added GlobalStar as a value driven, environmentally friendly industrial offering, GreenTec and GenTec.


After several years of cooperation with General Paint Co. S.A.L. (General), in 2010 Lusid and General formed a lasting partnership, which led Lusid to be the sole importer of GenMax and GenVerde automotive paint lines in North America. Lusid also offers ancillary product lines to the automotive refinish market with it’s GenTec and low VOC GreenTec offerings.


Lusid and General prove together that high performance, environmentally friendly coatings do not need to cost more. We are value and performance driven with our customer in mind. Looking forward to creating the very best future products and technologies in the industry.

Mission Statement

Lusid’s main commitment is to provide their customers with individualized support, the highest quality of products, quick and precise coloristic services, speedy order processing and product delivery, as well as to provide effective technical and management training.


At Lusid, we are dedicated to playing a contributing role to ensure a healthier and safer environment through our continued commitment to lower VOCs and environment friendly waste management. 


Lusid places great importance on what it means to be family. We value and promote teamwork as it is a crucial part of our organization. We greatly value our employees and work diligently to ensure they are satisfied. Loyalty to our employees and our customers is what will continue to drive us forward into the industry's rapidly changing future. We hope to see you there.


  • 1999: Founded Lusid Technologies in Sandy Utah 

  • 2003: Purchased the Salt Lake City facility 

  • 2006: Began importing automotive refinish line GenRock from General Paint Co.S.A.L

  • 2009: Entered into a corporate relationship with the owners of General Paint 

  • 2013: Began importing GenVerde product line to the United States of America and Canada markets

  • 2014: Expanded the Salt Lake City facility and opened a dedicated training center 

  • 2015: Began importing the GlobalStar product line

  • 2020: Acquired the full technology of the GlobalStar product line 

  • 2021: Launched Ares spectrophotometer for NorthStar and GlobalStar 

  • 2022: Expanded production capabilities and redesigned the social media 

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Color Formulation

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